About Us

There’s a party and then there’s the “Just what I’d imagined it to be” - Party. In between, there is Confettish. We have a 'fetish for celebration' and love to bring that feeling of delight & happiness to every celebration!

We are the super convenient party product place which believes in adding YOUR touch to your party favors, décor and gifts through personalization and customization!!

Why Confettish?

We’ll go that EXTRA mile to make it happen!
Our happiness is in making your celebration special – and for that, Team Confettish is always available!

Got a small quantity? We’ll STILL personalize :)
We do our best to work with as small quantities as possible! For those of you who have ever tried to personalize for a small party 20, you would know the effort involved. Now, just click away and let us do the hard work for getting those perfect products to you!

Our Designs – no need to create designs from scratch!
If you’re that super-mom who is possibly praying that she wishes there were more than 24 hrs in a day to plan her kid’s party... don't worry we’re here! Put your feet up, take a deep breathe and write to us – we will put it all together for you in a jiffy! Tada!! 

Customized Design Support
Already got something on your mind? Let us know & we’ll work with it!

Love the 'Handcrafted'? So do we!!
For those who love craft, check out our handcrafted treasures. Made with love, these make for unique favors & gifts!!

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Ask us!
Planning a big party but can’t find what you’re looking for? We love to take up a challenge! If there is anyway we can put together your dream gift/favor/décor, you bet we’ll do it!

Meet Team Confettish

Confettish is the passion of two friends who decided to add life to their lives by making the parties for their loved ones come alive! Gauri and Neha are SRCC alumni (why should IITians have all the fun?!!) who decided to leave their press releases and excel sheets behind and craft innovative ideas for party favors and gifts. 

Alice In Wonderland
Gauri is our very own in-house version of the charming Alice for whom life is nothing less than her own fairytale! It is no surprise then that nothing short of perfection will impress her! Her love for craft made her move from her fancy Corporate Communications job and she decided to create her Wonderland – one party at a time!

Reach me at: postbox@confettish.com or call me at: +91-9810269627

Super - Woman
Neha is the left side of the Confettish brain who holds her excel sheets close to her heart! There is nothing more exciting for her than a challenge and a great celebration with friends & family! Her passion for celebration made her don the entrepreneurial hat after quitting her Consulting job. She now plays a 24-hour Consultant to all her clients who want something new for their party – rewarded with loads of happy faces & thank you notes when they open their packages!

Reach me at: postbox@confettish.com or call me at: +91-9910152258